About the Department and Master Program

The National University of Tainan was restructured from the previous Tainan Normal University in 1999.  The Graduate Institute of Technology Management was established to provide the Master program in Technology Management at the same year.  Its industrial program has also been offered since 2007.  In 2008, the Department of Business and Management and Master Program of Technology Management were inaugurated so as to fulfill the academic and practical demands for global as well as local development.

Our mission is to 1) foster a higher education environment of high caliber through student centered, industry oriented, and flexible program arrangements and 2) to conduct quality researches to become a significant contributor to engage with our communities. The Department focuses on marketing and logistic of high technology products and technology innovation and entrepreneurial management. We focus on Biotechnology, electro-optical and other industries. Designed in consultation with industry and the professions, our programs create and apply knowledge at the theoretical as well as the practical levels. Facing on global competition, we also aim to increases the competency of our graduates with international aspects and problem solving skills.

The Graduate Attributes

The commitment to graduate qualities reflects a world-wide movement within educational institutions such as the higher education sectors. There is a deliberate focus on the development of particular student outcomes through the undergraduate and postgraduate programs. Our Department has an emphasis but not limited to the Biotechnology, Electro–optical and Information and Communication Technology industries. It is demonstrated by our student projects and the Master theses which are often supported by the companies in the industrial parks nearby. Technical skills and managerial techniques are essential in our programs but they are not the whole story. The department also fosters the student skills in:

  • Self-learning agilitythe ability to constantly and proactively update technical knowledge and skills and quickly apply that learning to new situations.
  • Interpersonal and communication skillsthe ability to listen, influence and manage people in both team and leadership roles and build strong relationships. It also refers to an excellent grasp of technical information and industry jargon and the ability to explain complex ideas in simple terms.
  • Analysis and Problem solvingbeing a sharp thinker; drawing on technical skills, people knowledge and commercial awareness to grasp key issues, explore options and identify appropriate solutions. Being persistence and confidence in the face of what may seem insurmountable problems and impossible deadlines. Resourcefulness and good judgement in handling difficult situations.
  • Commercial awarenessan understanding of how technology supports the objectives of individuals and organizations.


The Main Features of the Department and Master Program
  • International aspects: Our department has already built up relationship with Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT, also a member of Supply Chain Innovation) in U.S. and the University of South Australia (UniSA) in Australia. There is an articulation agreement between out department and UniSA. Hence, our graduates can choose to gain two Master degrees by studying 1-2 years in Taiwan and 1 year in Australia.
  • Industrial Oriented Programs: Our faculty liaises with the domestic as well and the national partners from the government and industrial sectors such as The Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) and the Metal Industries Research and Development Centre. Students have the opportunities of participating in the projects sponsored by them. It further increases the career options for students and enhances their practical knowledge in industrial applications.
Career for Graduates

Graduates in Technology Management have a varied and exciting choice of fields to work in. Opportunities will be determined to a certain extent by interest and course concentration. Technology Management is a people business and people who work in Technology field are not necessarily experts on the managerial side. Both organizations and individual need the new technology applications to be meeting their business and personal needs as well as the managerial techniques such as project management and supply chain management.

Annual graduate destination survey reports demonstrate that our graduates work in a wide range of fields which include banking and finance, manufacturing, and the aforementioned high-tech industries.

Companies, business consultancies, and government are among employers of new graduates.

Even the smallest organizations need employees with business skills. This means graduates have an extremely wide range of employment options both within Taiwan and overseas. There is also room for the graduate entrepreneur. Brief descriptions for the positions are included as below

  • Manager and team leader at the high technology industry
  • Financial analysis expert
  • A research career at the University or the Government
  • Project manager
  • Intellectural Property Analyst
  • System analysis and design engineering
  • Business consultant
  • Entrepreneur

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